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Length: Novel
Publication Year: 2016
ASIN: 1523965258
ISBN: 9781523965250
B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree for Literary Fiction, 2017 Illumination Book Award Winner for Fiction, Finalist of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, the Foreword INDIES Book of the Year, and the National Indie Excellence Book Award

The last thing Hosanna wants is a bucket, a dishrag, and a brush. After all, it’s been fifteen years.

Her heart and knees have grown callous from years of scrubbing floors for her bitter grandmother, who is grievously disgusted with the unlawful deed committed by Hosanna's white mother and black father during the reign of Jim Crow.

But after years of being a maid for her own family, Hosanna grows tired; tired of the lies that have been cloaking the family’s shame for far too long. So tired, she has waxed in wrath, counted every injustice, and rebelled against all who obstruct her quest for truth.

So will she ever find peace?

This uniquely-crafted story transcends time and takes us from the racial animus of 1945 to the abiding power of grace that heals and binds divisive wounds.


"Hosanna is a well-written book, obviously professionally edited, with a thought-provoking story line that embraces the racial divide in 1940s Georgia. The author artfully developed the characters and their sometimes difficult dialogue to portray the culture for that time period in such a compelling way that I felt I was right there with them. The plot was well-structured, the narrative flowed well, and the story was engaging. 5 Stars."―Awesome Indies

"Katelyne Parker’s Hosanna is a fresh and emotional historical novel that emphasizes the importance of love despite class and racial differences. Hosanna’s voice is memorable within this timeless story."―Clarion Review

"Some books, like some movies, are unforgettable. Hosanna by Katelyne Parker is one of those... 5-Stars"―Readers' Favorite
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Hosanna was born illegally to black man and a white woman in 1927 during the height of Jim Crow. Her bitter maternal grandmother forces her to be a maid in her own home to hide the truth of her birth story. Though the rules of southern decorum are well defined in this small Georgia town, the rebellious Hosanna demands the truth be told. But Midville’s laws, customs, and traditions are a bulwark, standing between her and the family she desperately craves.


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